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Welcome to Kimberly's Blessings Wedding Officiant NJ,NY,PA,CT,MA,RI, MD,DE

Welcome to Kimberly's Blessings Wedding Officiant NJ,NY,PA,CT,MA,RI, MD,DE

Welcome to Kimberly's Blessings Wedding Officiant NJ,NY,PA,CT,MA,RI, MD,DEWelcome to Kimberly's Blessings Wedding Officiant NJ,NY,PA,CT,MA,RI, MD,DE

FAQs - NJ ordained wedding ministers, and Other states

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1.  How do I go about obtaining my Marriage License? 

Depending upon what state you are in --  if you need a NJ ordained wedding minister for a NJ wedding, you can go to the Town you reside in.  If you live out-of -state, you can go to the County's Orphans Court (for PA), or town where the venue is located in other states. (There are DIFFERENT requirements for different states). EACH state license is valid within its own state.   

2.  How soon should I apply for my license? Many states have a 72 hour waiting period (some have a 24 hour waiting period) from the time you apply for the license, until you can be married.  We always suggest that you apply 3 Weeks in advance. That way if there are any problems with the application for ID required, they can be addressed ahead of time.    · 

3.  Can we personalize our ceremony?  YES!   In fact we Encourage it! We ask you questions and get to know you so that we can create a ceremony that is Reflective of YOUR personalities, beliefs, and Love Story. Upon request, we will email you the ceremony for your review. Any changes are always welcomed.   

4.  Do you do Interfaith ceremonies? 

We have performed MANY Interfaith ceremonies. We customize them so that your Religious traditions blend to Perfection. 

5.  Do you charge travel fees?

Not usually. Travel is included in our (Formal) package pricing, unless an overnight stay is required.  If your venue does not offer free parking you are responsible for that nominal fee.    

6.  Do you do destination weddings? Yes, this requires the couple to pay for the airline ticket and accommodations.   ·

7.  Are you legally allowed to perform weddings in my State?

Yes  -- However, there are some issues that couples should be aware of.

A.  In (some) states questions have arisen to the legality of marriages in certain counties. In PA there were landmark rulings in 2008 and 2014.  These   broadened same-sex marriage rights and the Qualification of ministers. 

B.  We are in contact with state legislators on a regular basis, to update ourselves on any potential changes in states where we do business. Thus far, many States and the Federal Gov't, have leaned toward relaxing of Historically strict rules, in the recognition they were not in the best interest of the Diverse society we live in.

C.  Some counties in PA still distribute an additional page when finalizing the license application, primarily because they will not give legal advice about the 2008 and 2014 Rulings.

D.   ** (Nor would we). If you are in doubt, we suggest you contact your attorney.  Although we are Pro-active on keeping abreast of various laws, Nothing on our site should be construed as legal advice.

E.   SOME states, including Virginia, Nevada, and a few others, require the ordained Minister to become licensed according to their State laws before being able to perform a wedding ceremony.  

F.   For NY, ANYONE officiating marriages (within the 5 BOROUGHS) must be licensed with the CITY.  We DO have that registration. We encourage couples contacting Officiants to marry them in NYC or the 5 Boroughs, to ask IF their Minister/Officiant IS in fact Licensed/Registered to perform that Ceremony, (as we are).

8.  WHO files the Marriage License?

We are responsible for filing the license. At the end of your ceremony we will provide you with instructions on how to obtain Certified Copies of your license.  

9.  We are considering hiring you!  What’s next?
You can contact me by telephone at 908-447-9456 or contact me via email at I will respond to discuss Your needs and type of ceremony that you want, along with any questions you might have. If you decide to hire us, we will  continue the discussion.  We then have a short interview, to talk about your Love Story, your ceremony and yourselves. From that, we create a Ceremony which is memorable, best fits you as a couple, and your Personalities. Give us a call today for a free consultation.